21/100 Avengers Stills

Iron Man Trilogy + The Avengers : Iron man 3 → character poster: Tony Stark.

"I am not my grandfather."

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Aidan Turner in Article Magazine [part 5]

Chris Evans is so awesome. He is like one of my brothers. Literally, we show up, we laugh, we talk about our weekends, and then we get back to work. […] We’re really great friends. -Sebastian Stan

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Anonymous asked: here´s one curious ask for you....did you like the winter soldier?

Ah, man, I haven’t seen it. I’m working on my thesis rn and I’m depriving myself from any kinds of entertainment. But I’m going to see it next week probably. IF they still show the subtitled version and not only the dubbed one.

wow i came to my blog and got an unfollower but at last i also got 2 asks probably because of that ask post how nice